this page is supposed to be about me.

quite frankly i think a page about me would likely be pretty durned bo-ring.

no one is going to even click on it so really i don’t even need to have anything written on it.

and if you want to know about me then you can just sit ur lazy butt down and read my blog. it will tell you everything you need to know.

if you knew me in real life you’d be like, dude, who is this boring person.

why ruin the magic. a little mystery keeps the spice alive i say!

so instead of reading THIS page, read some other one, kahpeesh? if you can make it through one whole post without falling asleep, drooling, etc, then either you are as weird as i am or else you need to find yerself a new hobby or sumthin.

ANYHOOOOOO…thanks for readin’. class dismissed.


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